Portfolio of Colin Smith

Gateway To Laguna Beach

What I was able to salvage from this morning's bad-weather shoot. I call this "Gateway to Laguna Beach". Shot on Canon 5D Mk 3 and processed with +Nik Photography HDR Efex Pro II

Busy busy

Times Square NYC. I added more color saturation than I usually do for HDR, but in this case I wanted it to be vibrant and busy to match the sounds I could hear.

Sunset at Paradise

Sunset at the beach in Maui, Hawaii. Slow exposure with HD filter. 3 exposure HDR work here in Adobe Lightroom. Free tutorial here http://www.photoshopcafe.com/tutorials/HDR_ps/hdr-ps.htm

Boats in Chicago

Chicago skyline behind boats in the harbor

Eleanor in classic tone

All editing in 32 bit space. A little 32-bit tone experiment with HDR on Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds

Baby Wine

Wine Making at Paso Robles. This is late morning at Rotta. Some "tasteful" HDR. I used NIK HDR FX on this one.

Cabin Solo

"Cabin Solo" From Central Coast California. I love the waterfall of rocks at the front of this.

Bird Rock

Bird Rock. I did a sunrise shoot where the sun never hit, in fact it started raining and I only got a few minutes shooting. This was a "salvage" shoot. (No matter how bad the light, there is always something to shoot). One think I did like was the clouds over Catilina, so this was my way of bringing out that detail with an interesting foreground. The clouds were very subdued in the original shots. Shot 3 image bracket for HDR on Canon 5D Mk III Merged in Photoshop. I then duplicated the layers 4 times in 32 bit space. I then tone mapped each layer in +Nik Photography HDR eFEXPro 2. One for the rock, one for the sky, one for the clouds and island and another for the ocean. I masked them in 32 bit and converted to 8 bit. I then did some more curves adjustments and spot sharpening to finalize the piece. I also did some custom colorizing for slightly more vintage film look, the result is quite different than my usual style. I hope you enjoy.

Big Red

A little red fire Engine action from Boston. Look at it full size to appreciate it. Some HDR

Reflections of Chicago at Night

Chicago at night HDR. Shot on Canon 5D MKIII. Edited in Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS6 as a 32 bit image

Monte Carlo

Las Vegas of Mote Carlo Fountain. 5 shot HDR

Tiny people in a big city

HDR with a Tilt Shift in Times Square New York